Monday, August 04, 2008

It Is the rainy season...

Again, another wet team! But, then, it IS the rainy season! We had a great group from Spring Creek Church of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, join us for a week of "fun in the sun"! The weather was beautiful...all the days we didn't work. But then, the travel and "fun" days were dry, which was nice!They continued work on the bathrooms and store.

They tied rebar to prepare to pour concrete on the roof. We didn't ever get to pour the concrete, but everything is ready to get it done this week!

Another part of the group set the posts and started stringing the fence along the riverbank. This will keep the children from falling in the river and, hopefully, keep the animals from grazing (and leaving deposits) on the picnic grounds!

They also leveled and sodded the lower soccer field...
and one gentleman cut steps into the side of the hill especially for me! (I'll bet his wife is short also!)
Since we had so much rain and they were already wet, "river-jumping" became a fun pasttime!

The youth pastor joined in...

as did Jason, a 6'9" youth leader.

I think all the kids had a go at it, including Josh, who fell in...

four times!

When you live out in the "boonies", you make your fun where you can!!

We had a great time with this group and they actually did do a lot of work! We look forward to seeing them back here again one day soon!


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