Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Victor and his family

Everyone was laughing and having a great time before I took the picture. This is typical of the indigenous culture, they are very solemn for pictures. Juana, Victor's wife is teaching me Quiche - she speaks little Spanish so I am learning her language!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Real Vacation!

We returned yesterday after a week on a 46-foot catamaran with 10 people. Yes, we are still smiling! It was a wonderful trip, even if the boat got small toward the end of the week.

These were our "family" for 6 days. All were U.S. citizens, although most lived elsewhere. We had lively conversations about life in Belize, Guatemala, California and New Zealand!

Meet the crew that sailed us around the Belizean reef and fed us. From left to right:
Elias, Carlos and Capitan Raul.
As I told the others, we were "living our dream"! The hammocks were cool during the day and great for sleeping...

the fishing was sporadic but enjoyable...

and I went thru three books between swimming and sitting and soaking up the sun.

Elias was a great cook and after arriving in the Gulf waters, we had fish or lobster every meal except breakfast!

These are some of the beautiful waters we swam and they snorkled in. I found I was a little to claustrophobic for snorkeling but enjoyed paddling around in the water and doing alot of sitting and sunning!

Johnny's first catch

The only time on shore was a couple of hours walking around Livingston. As you can see, we did get a little rain, but that didn't stop us!
We are ready to get home and gear up for the final team of the year in November. Rainy season ends around the first of November and the kids are out of school the end of October. Should be an interesting next couple of months!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Pure Water

In June of this year, the Emmanuel Church in Panajachel received a water filtration system from First Presbyterian Church of Visalia, California. Since that time, they have offered filtered water free of charge twice a week. Since Panajachel's water comes from Lake Atitlan without any cleaning, this has given the people of the town an inexpensive way to stay healthy. Benefits of drinking clean water are learned along with the spiritual benefit of living water for your soul!