Friday, June 29, 2007

Two Hundred Trees

At 8:00 AM this morning, we had a hundred kids from a local school at our gate. They had plans to plant two hundred trees on the Centennial Camp property, around the area of the river and picnic area. It was a pleasant surprise, since they were not from a church school but the public school! The whole community is wanting to be a part of Centennial Camp - what a wonderful ministry!


Monday, June 25, 2007

The basketball court is started

As you can tell, we had the help of almost all of the team members! Four-year-old Maddy digs to "help" level the dirt before the concrete could be poured. Because of rain, the team spent three days preparing the area before they could begin with the concrete. But during the week the team was here, we had beautiful sunny mornings and some overcast but dry afternoons. God is good!

We are excited to have the basketball court started. There will be several local churches that will come and put in some "sweat equity" in the next couple of weeks to further the work on the court. Due to several large gifts to the Camp, we are excited to see the work progressing so rapidly!
Here is our team from Iowa (pronounced I-o-way), Louisiana! It was great to hear southern accents all week! They worked well with the local workers, even learning a few words in Quiche.
Justin, our intern, leaves tomorrow for Texas. Johnny enjoyed having a "son" around the house and they worked well together. Justin seemed to enjoy his time here with us and is spending his last day climbing the volcano Pacaya. Thanks, Justin, for all of your hard work!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Meet Justin

Say hello to Justin Freels, junior at Texas A & M, and our intern for the summer! He is the first intern we have had and has set the bar high for following interns! He is a hard worker and I can tell his momma she raised a good son. One thing nice, he eats anything I put before him! He has been with us for the last two weeks and has seen the inside workings of hosting a team. Now he is working hard with our team from Iowa, Louisiana! We have had a lot of rain in the last week and a half and today the team spent hours digging and leveling the field for the basketball court. (It was supposed to have been done with a tractor over the weekend but the rains stopped that!) Hopefully, they will begin laying the iron and pouring concrete tomorrow! Thankfully the rain held off today and lots of work was done without injury!
I just had to add this one so their wives could see what they could do!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back to Guatemala

We arrived back in Guatemala on Monday, the 4th, but have been without internet until this evening. Johnny's sister's wedding was gorgeous and we had a wonderful time of visiting with family that week. Tallahassee was the first stop to see Jennifer and Andy. We spent almost 2 days there before driving to Chattanooga (by way of Sylacauga, AL, to have lunch with my mom) for the wedding. The whole week was busy, we saw everyone in the family at some time or another! I thank God for the break in our schedule.

In the next few weeks you will hear about Justin, our intern from Texas. I'm sure he will be mentioned more than once, since he will be with us for several weeks and involved in all we do! Then we will have two teams in the next two months, with lots of little things in between!

Until next time,