Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Watson Family

As we traveled from Atlanta to Tallahassee, we stopped off in Douglas, GA, to visit friends Chris and Trish Watson and boys Conner, Cameron and Caleb. For those of you not from First Bible Church, Chris was the Youth Pastor there when our girls were growing up. Chris also performed the wedding of our oldest daughter Lindsay and her husband Micah. We enjoyed visiting with them for a few minutes, hearing what was going on in their lives and discussing possible mission plans between their church and Centennial Camp. The boys had grown considerably in the last two years, although Chris and Trish hadn't changed a bit!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Our House

Some of you have been wondering what our house looks like. Many of you have been here and saw it before we moved in. Well, here it is with furniture (or at least some of it). Most is self explanatory. Where it looks like we have several cats...we don't. She just followed me from room to room as I took the photos. We do, however, have a dog now by the name Xiba (Sheba). She loves to sleep on top of the well.
Love to all,

Friday, May 18, 2007

Soccer Players to Guatemala!

For the last two days, we hosted part of a women's soccer team from Northwestern Nazarene University. These 7 young ladies, their coach and his wife (the assistant coach) helped us around Centennial Camp with the little things that needed doing but just hadn't gotten done yet. You know, those things on the "honey-do" list. They included:

painting the inside doors, putting in window screens and hanging curtains,

helping Antonio and Pedro tie wire to make cages for the wall we are building around the papifut and basketball courts,

and moving construction trash to a dumping site. (Like our new truck? Thanks to our friends at FBC) They also dug a burn pit for us but, sorry girls, I didn't get a picture of that.
The girls worked hard and were a tremendous help! Thanks NNU - we will be keeping up with you next soccer season!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Visiting Family

It has been a whirlwind, but I have enjoyed the last two weeks! On April 30th, I flew to Birmingham, AL, and spent almost a week with my mother in Sylacauga. During that week, she and I made a trip to Decatur and Pensacola, FL. There was a quick visit to First Bible, among other places, while we were in Decatur, but no time for anything extended. THEN...on May 6th, Mother and I flew from Birmingham to Atlanta, meeting up with our eldest daughter and her husband, Lindsay and Micah, and continued on to Guatemala City. Mother and Micah had never been to Guatemala before, so we visited several villages around Lake Atitlan, including Panajachel, and stayed nights at the Camp. We arrived in Antigua yesterday and have had a great time shopping, touring ruins and...
fishing! They will all return home on Sunday, but since Mother's Day here was May 10th, we celebrated Guatemalan style!
I hope to update you more often. We have had considerable trouble getting enough of a connection to download email, let alone update the blog! Continue to pray for us to be able to get internet at the Camp. Keep us posted with your news! We love hearing about your everyday lives!