Monday, August 31, 2009


I reckon I must be an oddity in this area. Yesterday, while doing my exercise walking on the basketball court (20 laps is a mile), I collected a group of women and children on the road above...just watching! Most people in the mountains don't have cars so they walk. To see someone walking around and around and going nowhere was terribly funny to them. Glad to see I can bring a smile to someone's (or several someones) face!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Summer's Project

This is the view we had at the first of the summer...

and this is the view now!

The building is composed of bathrooms and showers with a small tienda on the first level (building completed last summer) and a salon and office on the second level (completed this year).

Since it has taken me a month to blog again, I thought I would show the overall view. In the next few weeks, I will show pictures of the various groups we had helping us with this and other projects! But for now, some pictures showing the (almost) completed project!

The roof here in the office was a bear, having to incorporate a curved wall. After much anguish and knashing of teeth, this was the result!

The salon is now receiving its tile floor and is totally "stuccoed" inside and out.

The bathrooms have received their floor and wall tile. Now all that is left is to connect the toilets, sinks and showers.

And for our newest addition...we now have a pair of dove. Now all we need are names...any suggestions?