Monday, September 29, 2008

Some recent work at the Camp

OK, Jess, you wanted some updated pictures! Here are the walls Victor and Johnny built. This incline will go from the parking lot up onto the soccer field. It can be used by vehicles, wheelchairs or, hopefully one day, a lawn mower!
The building on the left will soon have a second floor, with the steps going up! I talked them into adding a bodega (storage area) under the steps for cleaning supplies.

Poor Francisco! I caught him putting stucco on the ceiling of the women's bathroom. He was in semi-darkness and I blinded him with the flash! Oh well, the hazards of working around a woman with a camara!
The grass on the soccer fields is filling in nicely and by the end of the rainy season, we should have a good playing field!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Latest changes to LBN

Here is a recent picture of the new construction here at LBN. Eventually, these will be apartments for guests, office areas and storage. It will be beautiful when it is finished!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Restful weekend

This is a holiday weekend here - Independence Day for most of Central America. A group of us from CAM met at Las Buenas Nuevas for a restful weekend and time to catch-up with each other, our ministries and prayer requests. Some of the newest missionaries with CAM have little children, so it has been an experience to plan things around toddlers and kids under 10! But we had a great time and look forward to more fellowship time with each other. Two of the newest couples (and the ones with all the kids) live closest to us! Still an hour or two away, but closer than anyone else!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hanna, Ike and Josephine

Some of you may know that Johnny and I were prepared to take a week vacation, our first since before coming to Guatemala. We had finished with the teams scheduled for the summer and had a break of a couple of months before the next team. Frankly, we were looking forward to the break! Headed for the Gulf of Mexico, sun, fishing, with a bag full of paperbacks, we arrived in Guatemala City to find we had an email stating our vacation had been cancelled! It seemed there were not enough bookings for the trip we were taking, so the company had to cancel it. Of course we were disappointed, but our cloud had a silver lining. As we look at the weather for our part of the world, it appears that even in our disappointment, God is protecting us. We are thankful that even with our desires, He protects us from what would harm us! So we have rescheduled and continue to look forward to our restful vacation. Hopefully there will be sun, good fishing and dry paperbacks!