Saturday, August 30, 2008


No, we don't have snow in Guatemala, but then, maybe we do! We woke up one morning to Xiba (our German Shepard, pronounced "Sheba") barking her head off. On the basketball court was a coal black Chow, maybe a year old, wearing a collar and dragging a chain. We asked around at the neighbors and no one knew who might own this dog. So, much to Xiba's chagrin, the new dog was put in our fence so she (yes, another female) would not wander in the highway and be hit. Johnny has named her Snow (so yes, there is snow in Guatemala), a name that has caused more than one belly laugh from the Guatemalans. Xiba is very protective of us and will not let Snow near us or the food. Snow does not seem to be abused as she loves the darker skinned Guatemalans more than our fair skin, wants to climb in the truck with us each time we go somewhere and thinks she is a house dog! The cat doesn't like that...

Now, if I can just teach Xiba to share...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three days...lots of work!

They were only here for three days but did a load of work! From Bellingham, Washington, fourteen people, ages 18 and up, worked at Centennial Camp stringing fence and building playground equipement.

The fencing around the lower area at the "river" (creek in Alabama) is now complete. This will help corral kids, keep them out of the river and, hopefully, help keep animals from grazing on the grass. It's not the grazing that bothers us, it's the deposits left behind!

The Vacation Bible School of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Decatur, Alabama, took up a collection for Centennial Camp, shortly before the church came here for a mission trip this summer. The money paid for the supplies for the above playground "fort", which was then built by this team. I will post pictures as it is finished, but this will join the other playground equipment (below - built last year) for the enjoyment of all the kids who visit the Camp.

Thank you to Emmanuel Bible Church, Bellingham, Washington, for all their hard work!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Day at the Camp

On a beautiful day last week, we had two of our churches visit for a day at the Camp! There were about 40 - 50 people here who, after a devotional time in the morning, spent the day in basketball tournaments! We had lunch on the ground and ended the afternoon with a "torch run", which actually only went the length of the driveway, but was complete with torches and signs!

The playground equipment we built late last year has been popular with the kids. In fact, we plan on building another "fort" area this next week with a team from Washington state! We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our recent team from Wisconsin worked and worked to prepare the terraza so they could pour the concrete. Rain and time conspired to keep them from this task, but less than a week after they left, a group of 39 men, representing 11 churches, arrived for a day of concrete pouring. This was the most support we have received from the churches at one time! God knew what He was doing! The delay in the pouring of the concrete the week before caused the need that these churches answered, pouring not only concrete but sweat equity into THEIR Camp! Many of the men that came and worked stated that they had never been to the Camp before but would certainly return! Praise the Lord!
A concrete mixer was rented for the day.

A bucket line was formed.

And now we have a roof!!
Everyone was sunburned and covered in concrete by the end of the day, including me! With all of that testosterone around, I didn't feel the need to include myself in the bucket brigade so I took pictures. But even that can be dangerous if you get too close!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

LBN Update

Just a couple of photos to let you see the progress at LBN. The rain has slowed things down, but we have had several days that we beautiful and the construction progresses!

Monday, August 04, 2008

It Is the rainy season...

Again, another wet team! But, then, it IS the rainy season! We had a great group from Spring Creek Church of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, join us for a week of "fun in the sun"! The weather was beautiful...all the days we didn't work. But then, the travel and "fun" days were dry, which was nice!They continued work on the bathrooms and store.

They tied rebar to prepare to pour concrete on the roof. We didn't ever get to pour the concrete, but everything is ready to get it done this week!

Another part of the group set the posts and started stringing the fence along the riverbank. This will keep the children from falling in the river and, hopefully, keep the animals from grazing (and leaving deposits) on the picnic grounds!

They also leveled and sodded the lower soccer field...
and one gentleman cut steps into the side of the hill especially for me! (I'll bet his wife is short also!)
Since we had so much rain and they were already wet, "river-jumping" became a fun pasttime!

The youth pastor joined in...

as did Jason, a 6'9" youth leader.

I think all the kids had a go at it, including Josh, who fell in...

four times!

When you live out in the "boonies", you make your fun where you can!!

We had a great time with this group and they actually did do a lot of work! We look forward to seeing them back here again one day soon!