Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our recent team from Wisconsin worked and worked to prepare the terraza so they could pour the concrete. Rain and time conspired to keep them from this task, but less than a week after they left, a group of 39 men, representing 11 churches, arrived for a day of concrete pouring. This was the most support we have received from the churches at one time! God knew what He was doing! The delay in the pouring of the concrete the week before caused the need that these churches answered, pouring not only concrete but sweat equity into THEIR Camp! Many of the men that came and worked stated that they had never been to the Camp before but would certainly return! Praise the Lord!
A concrete mixer was rented for the day.

A bucket line was formed.

And now we have a roof!!
Everyone was sunburned and covered in concrete by the end of the day, including me! With all of that testosterone around, I didn't feel the need to include myself in the bucket brigade so I took pictures. But even that can be dangerous if you get too close!

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