Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three days...lots of work!

They were only here for three days but did a load of work! From Bellingham, Washington, fourteen people, ages 18 and up, worked at Centennial Camp stringing fence and building playground equipement.

The fencing around the lower area at the "river" (creek in Alabama) is now complete. This will help corral kids, keep them out of the river and, hopefully, help keep animals from grazing on the grass. It's not the grazing that bothers us, it's the deposits left behind!

The Vacation Bible School of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Decatur, Alabama, took up a collection for Centennial Camp, shortly before the church came here for a mission trip this summer. The money paid for the supplies for the above playground "fort", which was then built by this team. I will post pictures as it is finished, but this will join the other playground equipment (below - built last year) for the enjoyment of all the kids who visit the Camp.

Thank you to Emmanuel Bible Church, Bellingham, Washington, for all their hard work!


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