Saturday, August 30, 2008


No, we don't have snow in Guatemala, but then, maybe we do! We woke up one morning to Xiba (our German Shepard, pronounced "Sheba") barking her head off. On the basketball court was a coal black Chow, maybe a year old, wearing a collar and dragging a chain. We asked around at the neighbors and no one knew who might own this dog. So, much to Xiba's chagrin, the new dog was put in our fence so she (yes, another female) would not wander in the highway and be hit. Johnny has named her Snow (so yes, there is snow in Guatemala), a name that has caused more than one belly laugh from the Guatemalans. Xiba is very protective of us and will not let Snow near us or the food. Snow does not seem to be abused as she loves the darker skinned Guatemalans more than our fair skin, wants to climb in the truck with us each time we go somewhere and thinks she is a house dog! The cat doesn't like that...

Now, if I can just teach Xiba to share...


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Jess Montegudo said...


It looks like you had a great time on your vacation. I think I would have been very claustrophobic, not just a little. I loved the pictures, yall have gotten a lot done this summer. The wall especially looked nice going up to the soccer field.

We are going to NC this weekend for a wedding shower for Rachael. I will get her to log on to the blog while we are there so she can see the progress.