Sunday, July 27, 2008

Las Palmas

For those of you that have visited us before, you may remember the restaurant in Antigua that we like to visit on our "free" day. Las Palmas has been a favorite of ours since we lived in Antigua and walked past it every day going to school. In the past, the groups have always been put in a side room so we could all eat together. It was always a little dark and everyone would look out into the outdoor area and comment on the beauty of the restaurant. Well, the First Bible Church/St. Paul's Lutheran team was so large we couldn't fit into the side room so they put us in the beautiful outdoor area! The downside was we couldn't all eat together, but after being together for a full week, that didn't seem to be a problem! I told them they would be the envy of all who had visited Las Palmas in the past! The food, of course, continued to be excellent!


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