Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Filter systems

The Visalia, California, team had two parts. One that worked at Centennial Camp and one that installed water filtration systems in two of our local churches. Here are some scenes from that:

These are pictures from the Iglesia Centro Americana "Emanuel" in Panajachel. Each church had to provide some of the parts, men to learn how to build the system and maintain it, women to learn how to teach the community how to stay healthy with clean water.

Some of the men from Emanuel who learned the system.

This system was put into la Iglesia Centro Americana "Esmirna" in San Pedro La Laguna, across Lake Atitlan from Panajachel.

A teaching session with the men...

learning how to build and maintain.

And with the women on teaching the benefits of clean water. There were activities for the women to learn so they could teach...

and hands on (off?) visuals of what dirty water has in it!

One of the women, Ana, from the Emanuel church learned so well that she was taken to the Esmirna church to help teach the women there. She was a great help!!
There were lots of photos taken and these were only a taste of what work was done. Each church had a celebration of thanks service where all in the congregation got to taste the clean, filtered water. Diplomas were given to each of the women and men involved and great fun was had by all! We look forward to the return of this team and their work around the lake!

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