Monday, June 30, 2008

Lots of Work

Photos of some of the work that First Presbyterian (and friends) did at Centennial Camp. They also put in two water filtration systems in two of our churches, but that is for another blog!

We now have curtains! Remember last year when I bought material and was going to make curtains? Well, I took the material out, looked at it for about an hour, was scared to cut it and put it away. But we had a wonderful lady from California that was not scared to cut my material and made my curtains!!!!!!!

Both our bedroom and the guest bedroom now has curtains.

Marge is 83 years old and a whiz with a spatula and sewing machine. As much as I appreciate their help in the kitchen, I appreciate the work she and Jean did on my curtains more!

Outside, a french drain was put in behind the wall around the soccer field...

dirt and rocks were moved (poor Tyler never wants to see dirt, gravel, sand or concrete again! But at 6'3", he ate enough that we had to get a lot of work out of him!)...

the gable of the garage got closed in and now it is dark enough inside to show movies during the day!...

spectator bleachers were cut into the side of the hill at the soccer field (Jordan, Samuel is still offering you a job!)...

fencing was put on top of the wall...

and block was laid to make bathrooms at the corner of the wall!

One workday, the whole team went to the Camp for work and one of the projects was to level the future soccer field!

Rich, we missed having you here, but, thanks to you, we were able to rent the tractor and saved ourselves two weeks of moving dirt by hand! Hope your wife's arm is better!
This is just a taste of the work that was accomplished! Most days, we had volunteers from the local churches working with the team and new friends were made! Thank you for all of your hard work at Centennial Camp!

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