Monday, January 22, 2007

Moving Day approaching...

As moving day approaches, we are working frantically to get the house at Centennial Camp ready to move into. We now have power that runs from the transformer all the way into the house! And water that comes from the well and out of the faucets! With few glitches, John Lohrenz and Johnny worked hard for two days on these projects. We will have to take two days out this week for shopping in the capital for the team that arrives on the 3rd and two days to attend the annual regional meetings of all of the Solola churches. Then it is back to moving and preparing for our team. John and Jan will spend the first part of the last week with us before joining us to work with the team from Mentor, OH. It will be a hectic next two weeks, but the excitement of getting moved to Centennial Camp and then exposing a new team to missions in Guatemala is worth it!

I included this to show the "mountain" behind our house. We have met the owners, who want to build a house on top and assure us they will build a retaining wall (before the rains start?). They seem like a nice family who want us to help them with their English.


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Mary Jane said...

Hi! Sorry for missing all of your phone calls...this part time job as middle school director is a little more consuming than anticipated but I'm getting it organized so it should be easier soon!

We have averaged 6-8 kids each Sunday night....I had 35 on my first night...they are obviously interested and want to be there....I just have to keep them interested.

I will be home this Saturday night if you want to call back...I still go to sleep early (haven't quite recovered from mono)

I'm gonna need another 100 bracelets when you come home next!

Looks like things are rolling right along! Keep up the great work!