Thursday, February 01, 2007

First night at the Camp

Last night we spent our first night at Centennial Camp! This morning was the coldest morning I have spent since I went camping with my family as a young girl! We noticed that it has been very cold in the States and we weren't that cold, but you have heat in your houses, we didn't! Anyway, other than some water pump problems and a leak in a wall, we spent a chilly but enjoyable first night. We had a fire laid out for this morning and with a hot cup of coffee, it was bearable. We will finish moving stuff today and get the house almost put together before returning to Pana tomorrow for our work team's arrival. Thank you for your prayers for us - we survived the first night!


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Chris' Chronicles said...

Your first night at your new home. It finally arrived. Isn't it cool how our father meets every need even a somewhat chilly one! I'm so excited for you guys. We're praying for your work team this week that the love of Christ will be shown in their spirit during every circumstance. Can't wait to see you at the FBC Mission Conference! Peace!