Monday, January 08, 2007

Jesus El Redentor - Argueta

Yesterday we began our scheduled visits to area centroamerican churches. We, of course, had been attending the Panajachel church and had visited a couple of the other churches, but wanted to make scheduled visits to all of the "member" churches of Centennial Camp. Our visit yesterday was to the Jesus El Redentor church in Argueta. This is a small church close to the Camp. They have asked for prayer for two things: 1) a pastor for the church and 2) a church building. The building they are meeting in was once a medical clinic that Ruth Aju ran. It is very small and it would be difficult for them to grow any in this building. They have property adjoining the present building and plans for the future church. Also, a traveling pastor comes once or twice a month to preach, with the elders of the church covering the other Sundays. The elders are not seminary trained and they farm or hold other jobs during the week. Please keep this church in your prayers.


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Mary Jane said...

Hi guys! Just wanted to give you an update....I did not pass the National Board Certification so I have to redo one part and try again....another year of the mean time I have been asked to be the interim youth director for our middle school kids at church....hmmmm God has a way of providing for us doesn't he?

Anyway is there anything my kids can do for the camp from the US? Do you have any powerpoint presentations you can send me about the work you are doing down there?

Hope all is well and I hope we get to see you soon!