Monday, January 01, 2007

Reflections on a New Year

True to guatemalan form, midnight was ushered in with fireworks and firecrackers! Johnny and I went to the roof of our apartment (fourth floor, open to the sky) to watch the show and I have to say that Panajachel rivals Guatemala City in the fireworks department! But this time, instead of being on a roof overlooking the valley of bombas, we were right in the middle of where they were exploding! It was loud, smoky and totally exciting! Since Panajachel is at the "bottom of the bowl", right on Lake Atitlan with mountains ringing it, we could also see the fireworks of all of the little villages on the sides of the mountains. There was true enthusiasum in "ringing in the New Year"!

As I studied on Revelation this morning during my quiet time, I gained a sense of urgency in sowing the seeds of the Gospel and wondered at my enthusiasum over things of Christ. Do I get more excited over a touchdown in a ballgame or New Year's fireworks than I do over touching someone's life with the truth of Christ? Have I "left my first love", as the church of Ephesus, and lost some of my passion? As I start this new year, this is my prayer and resolution: that I focus on what is important to God and that I do so passionately. And when my time on this earth is finished and I stand in the presence of my Savior, He will say to me, "Well done, good and faithful servant".


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