Monday, January 15, 2007

Almost ready!

Well, a couple of more weeks and we will be moved in! Johnny is working very hard on installing light fixtures, hooking up the plumbing and sewer and installing bathroom fixtures. (I never knew how much was involved in getting the water in a well to come out my faucet!) Thanks to your generosity, we were able to draw money from CAM to get these things done in lieu of rent for the next three years or so. With this exchange, we are not seen as "cash cows" to the Camp committee, the Camp still owns everything, but we could go ahead and get moved in and working.

After the move, we are prepared for a team from Mentor, OH, to join us in early February. When they return to the States, we will follow shortly for the Missions Conference at First Bible Church in Decatur, AL. We plan to see all of our area churches at that time also! Upon our return here, we have teams lined up to work at the Camp thru June! We are excited that we will be working with some new groups and some old friends! We are also looking into having an intern joining us this summer - there seems to be a lot of interest in camping ministry!

Thank you for your prayers for us! We are excited to be moving and getting the Camp ready for groups, even if it is just day camps to start!


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CLEO COKER said...

Look at my bro with his hat on backwards!!! You stylin....
I love you both and can't wait to see you guys!!