Friday, September 15, 2006

Latin American Independence Day

Today, September 15th, is Independence Day for most of Central America. We are a half block off the main street in Panajachel, so we were entertained for an hour or so this morning with all the surrounding schools' bands in a parade. We could watch the festivities from our balcony and could hear it from anywhere in the apartment!

We have had an interesting first week in the apartment. First, it is on the third floor, so we are losing weight carrying things up the stairs. Second, the hot water heater blew up on our second day here. Actually, it was an intake water pipe that managed to spew water everywhere after the big boom! After two days of repairing, we finally have hot water today - with the lights on! We are settling in and feeling more at home.


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CLEO COKER said...

hey guys!! glad you can take a shower with light guys just amaze me with every entry...not many people could live like you are and still be so guys are the best!! barry hand (the dad on the school trip) asked about you guys last night. it was really neat because he has been there and understands where you guys are living and what it is like there.....he said to tell you he is praying for you both!! love you guys very much!! todo