Friday, September 29, 2006

Here we go again!!

This is a first- Johnny blogging instead of Maria! Maria usually handles the blog but she is at a ladies retreat this week-end. Good time for her to relax and fellowship (in English!) with the women of Union Church of Guatemala City. So- bear with the second string.

Just when we thought it was safe to unpack- Today we got word that our apartment has been sold and we have a month to move. Actually, we only have two weeks because we leave for the States Oct. 17th. After the initial scream of frustration, we could only grin (and laugh a little) and bear it. We have been so nomadic over the last few months we are ready to buy a camel and herd of sheep. As Maria said, we can't sell a house in Decatur and can't keep one here. Fortunately, there are some other apartments available in the same building that are not for sale, so we will start the process over again next week. At least we have the process down. God is helping us remain F.A.T.- a wonderful acronym taught to us by some visiting Alabama nurses- Flexible, Adaptable, and Tolerant. Pray that we maintain this attitude because this does take away from our ministry responsibilities. We are preparing for a team coming in November and time is essential. Pray also we manage our time wisely.

That's all for now. Maria will resume the regular blog duties in the next couple of days. I know my limitations and don't want to push this too far.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in October,

Johnny for the Cokers


Mary Jane said... all I can say! Maybe God is trying to help you weed out all the non-essential things in life...I'll bet you have gotten rid of alot of stuff! Y'all are constantly in my thoughts and prayers....keep doing what you are doing and eventually you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

I can't wait to see you in October!

I love you both!

Mary Jane

brannons said...

Great job on the blog, Johnny! We do enjoy the Coker blogs and keep up with them. Can't believe that you're headed to a new place. How does your mail keep up with you?! :-)

Praying for you guys,
The Brannons

CLEO COKER said...

ok so i am impressed with your ability to blog.....i cannot believe that you are moving again!!! yikes! but, i know you both are going to manage because of your faith and commitment to each other!!
i love you both and cannot wait for october 21st!!!

love, todo