Monday, September 18, 2006

Feeling more at home

It's funny how living with your own furniture, towels and such can make you feel at home. Once we got the apartment "fixed", we are feeling much more at home and settled. Being on the third floor, the bugs (mainly spiders and ants) haven't found us - or maybe they don't want to climb 3 floors to get to us! Suits me! We had a "dinner party" night before last with the couple that took our place at Las Buenas Nuevas, Steve and Beth Kennedy. Those of you from First Bible may have met them when they were there for the TEAM missions conference several weeks ago. Steve and Beth are great friends with Jess and Janet Montegudo and we discussed the great sadness in the Montegudo and Barthel homes over LSU's loss to Auburn last weekend. Yes, we got to see the game on television!!!! Don't know if we will get to see Alabama play, but Auburn and LSU were ranked high enough for them to be televised on national television on CBS, one of the stations we can receive. (We have cable and internet at the apartment and are taking advantage of it because we will lose it all when we move to Centennial Camp.)

We understand that many of you are beginning to have fall weather! As we end the rainy season, it rains more of the day and is a little cooler. But we miss the color change in the leaves. Many of the area trees are pine and the temperature doesn't change enough for the leaves on the hardwoods to change. Other than that, the area of the Camp feels much like North Alabama!

Thanks for all of your comments on the blog - I'm glad that we can connect in this way. I am occasionally surprised at the different people that read about us and many of you commented on the pictures. I will try to post plenty of pictures so you can "picture" us in our new setting!


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