Friday, September 22, 2006

Centennial Camp

Several of you have asked what is going on with the Centennial Camp house. This was taken two days ago. As you can see, this year we have added a fence around the property, placed an underground electric line from pole to house, added the sewer and field lines, graded the property and completed the garage (except for doors). Things that can't be seen are the kitchen cabinets and new wiring for the house. All we lack is the electric transformer and to dig a well. At present we are waiting on the people that are to do these things.

This is a glimpse of our new apartment. You can tell Guatemalans love color! There is one bedroom, a storage area where we put up metal shelving for our clothes and 1 1/2 baths! We are very comfortable here and plan to stay until we can move to Centennial Camp!

Kitty loves the balcony. She is three floors up and has nothing to jump to so we feel pretty safe with her going out there, although we do keep an eye on her and close the door when we are not here.

Hope this helps you "picture" us in our setting! The Lord has blessed us with a place where we feel settled, for now. This has really been a year of dependence on Him, but we have both grown in our faith because of it. Thank you for being a part of His work in Guatemala.


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CLEO COKER said...

hey guys....i really love your apartment! i think it looks better than the one in! what progress at the camp!! i am looks so good you guys~you guys have gotten so much done....see ya soon! love todo~~