Sunday, July 23, 2006

Youth Workday

Yesterday was a youth workday on the top of the mountain, cleaning around the completed cabins. Next week they plan to have a department-wide youth campout. It will be rustic, as there is no electricity yet; some will sleep in cabins, some in tents outside, and there is a "one-hole" latrine up there! But it will be used! Johnny worked with the youth clearing the land while I bought pizzas and drink and hauled it up there for lunch. "Haul" is the right word! Anyone who has walked up the 500 feet to the cabins knows how straight up it is! I had a 5 gallon bottle of water, 6 pizzas, a bag with cups, napkins, etc., and three "haulers" (young men with strong backs and weak minds). The guys swapped out carrying the water and pizzas and I carried very little. Still, I thought I would die before I reached the top! And we took it slow! Coming down was much easier and I will have to work on climbing the hill without having a heart attack!

The kids were great, though, and made a point to introduce themselves and tell which church they came from. The hard part will be remembering all the names - I have a hard enough time in English with names! But we felt very welcome and were glad to be a part of the workday!

Today in church, I had to play again due to the regular organist having a broken collarbone! Thankfully, they had set up a small keyboard for me to play, although I am having to learn to play standing up! I did much better since I had a keyboard with all the keys working and I asked what the songs were ahead of time. The whole morning went much smoother!

Take time today to reflect on the goodness of God.


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