Friday, July 21, 2006

New "old" house

Several people have asked to see pictures of our "new" house. It is rumored to be a Sears catalogue house, built around 1920. It reminds me of the house my grandmother lived in. Most walls are lap siding, painted white. In most rooms, the floors are painted wood too. Unfortunately, wood doesn't hold up well over time here and the house is held together with paint and the termites holding hands! Here is a picture of the dining room - the cat loves all the open windows! And the Guatemalans love the tablecloth - one I picked up at the First Bible Missions Closet! Whoever donated it - thanks! It is bright and cheery and I love doing my Bible study at the table with my coffee every morning!


1 comment:

Tara Lou Lou said...

Visible termites? I bet that's cause for stepping lightly around the house!

Glad you are cheered at bible study time with your coffee and the tablecloth - look at it and know we love and miss you!