Sunday, July 16, 2006


Today we went, again, to the CAM church in Panajachel. I was asked to play for the hymns and, having a hymnal with notes, I agreed. I was escorted to an old organ, complete with two keyboards and an octave of foot pedals. Now, there is one thing I have never learned to play and that's the organ! A keyboard is a keyboard, right? Uh-huh! Especially one where a third of the keys don't play! After delivering a quick prayer, I sat down and was given a hymn number. OK, so here I was, in a Spanish church, playing an organ I can't play, playing a hymn I don't know with keys that don't play. I made it through the first song and turned the organ over to someone else - out of the six hymns we sang, I actually knew only one of them. After a successful career playing the beautiful grand piano at First Bible Church, I was thoroughly humbled today.


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