Monday, July 24, 2006


For the past week, we have been on the go constantly. Most of it has been physical, especially for Johnny. He spent 3 days last week digging a 75' long by 2' deep trench for a field line for the sewer. He will finish up this week, all in preparation for a team that arrives this Friday. Then, after spending two days in the Capital shopping for the food for the arriving team, we returned to Pana to spend Saturday working at the Camp with local youth. It was physical work, and that was after trekking 500' up the mountain! Sunday was spent in church in the morning, where a church-wide work day was announced - for Sunday afternoon! So we spent all afternoon painting and building at the church before a quick shower and returning to the evening services. I had to play the keyboard again, which was no problem since I knew what the songs were in advance this time! (Not that I had time to practice!) Then, at the evening service, the pastor announced that Johnny would be taking a group of voluteers to the Camp on Wednesday to cut pine branches. (He is??) All this as we prepare for the team on Friday. Besides all the physical work, almost everything we do now is in Spanish and we have to concentrate to catch what is being said. The more tired we are, the less we understand. Please keep us in your prayers. We sat for 2 months in Antigua and I couldn't wait to get to this area. Now that I am here, I wish I could just sit for a few minutes! Pray that we would not be discouraged and would be dependent on the One who sent us, not on ourselves and our strength. Thank you.

For an idea of what different missionaries around the world deal with, read Beth Moore's Voices of the Faithful. It is a daily devotional book - we received one for Christmas from dear friends last year and I have been using it. Many of the entrys are so encouraging that I read more than the one day's devotion! It makes me feel petty, after reading how some of the missionaries live, but it also lets me know that I am not the only one to feel discouraged or petty! It is an eye-opening insight to missionaries and how normal they are!


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Jenn said...

When things get rough, just remember how proud your children are of you!!