Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All moved in...sort of

We've been so busy trying to get things organized in our new location that I didn't realize that I haven't written in a week! The house is almost in order and we know where most things are. The cat is happy because the windows are open most of the time and she sits and watches the birds. We have to use our Spanish (except with each other) and it takes alot of concentration. In church on Sunday, the pastor had us come up and introduced us as the new directors of the Centennial Camp. Then he handed the microphone to Johnny to speak. What was worse, he handed it to me afterward! Any Spanish I may have known suddenly flew out the door! But we made it through that service and then had to repeat it again that evening. And he offered to let Johnny preach one Sunday! (Johnny gently declined that offer!) So goes our first week!


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