Friday, July 09, 2010

Random Pictures of the Soccer Team from Alabama and Beyond

Just a few more pictures before moving on to the next team...
Strange things happen on mission trips

OK, when you use pictures taken by the team members, you get strange pictures of cows,

and pigs. It's intriguing, I guess.

The fourth work day, the team dug a line to get us water again. Some Christian brothers from Nahuala were there to help. These are two of the men in their traditional dress.

The last day, after a day of shopping, we had one last group picture.

It's always interesting to see what pictures there are!

Lots of looks as several of the team members walked the streets of Pana carrying a pinata.
Next blog...Wisconsin!


Anonymous said...

I remember those two guys from Nahuala.


Simon and Ruby said...

Is that a Belmont University shirt I see in the last photo?