Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jordan Dudley

Meet Jordan Dudley from Visalia, California.

Although Jordan is here to work with the water filtration systems his church (First Presbyterian of Visalia, California) has installed with us over the last 3 years, 6 in total, he has been also joining us as we work with workteams this summer.

Thankfully, Jordan can do a little of everything...and has these past 4 weeks. In the first three days he was here, he earned his keep by fixing our water system at the Camp and fixing some problems Nahuala was having with their system! He joins the teams in construction when they are here and works on water systems when we are traveling with the teams.

He works well with all the different teams, especially the ones with young ladies!

His mother raised a right nice young man! When he joins us and the teams for meals (he never misses one), he won't eat until I have served myself, and even washed dishes one morning to keep me from having to do them! (Yes, mom, he knows how to do dishes!) He also jealously watches the teams members as they serve themselves firsts and seconds because he knows he will receive the leftovers! After about 7 trips here over the years to work with us, he knows most of my menus, has his favorites and shows up early for those meals!

As our third team in a row left this morning, he will be helping us prepare for his home church to arrive in three weeks and put in a water system across the lake. In the meantime, he will also be helping another missionary with a team putting in a system in Patzun! Busy, busy, busy!

We are enjoying working with Jordan and Johnny loves having a man around to be "manly" with. They talk water systems and such...I am enjoying having a "son" around!

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Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

What a nice young man!! Glad you all were able to have him with you this summer!! The ABF is heading to Dots today after first service...wish yall were here with us. And I will be glad to go consignment shopping with you when you return!!