Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, it has been raining here...lots!
We had our quarterly consejo meetings here and stayed wet most of the time. Thankfully, everyone left yesterday about 2:00 PM, before the REAL RAIN started. It has rained solid since about 4 PM yesterday and we have towels all over the house to handle the leaks in the roof!
From the living room window, we could see that the river had risen. It wasn't until Johnny put on his rainsuit and boots, went down into the playground area and took pictures that we saw just how bad it is. And we are expecting rain all weekend from a typhoon off the Pacific coast.

Usually the river is 2 feet below and 3 feet on the outside of the fence. The playground equipment is just to the left of this picture.

Guatemala is expecting flooding and mudslides from all of this rain. And all of this is on top of the volcano, Pacaya, erupting. Keep us in your prayers as we travel, beginning Monday, to pick up work groups (in the capital where the volcano eruption is) through the flooded and mudslide areas between here and there.

Four hours later...

As you can see, the water is encroaching. On the right side of the picture, the fence is giving under the weight of the water. Usually it stands 6-7 feet high...


Simon and Ruby said...

Oh no! I go away for a week and everything starts to erupt and flood. We're back safely and look forward to hearing from you soon. Love you

Judy said...

Maria, the airport is shut down...I'm not sure if it will open up on Monday. What airlines are they on?