Saturday, May 01, 2010

Unique musical group

I am attempting to do something I haven't tried before. Below is a video clip of an unusual musical group we heard recently in one of our local churches. Easter Sunday, during a praise service at that same church, they played and sang again. I was so impressed that I resolved to try to pass this on so you can hear it also! The pipes and flute played are unusual...I haven't heard groups use these before. You will also notice two different types of guitars, besides the more common style. I have heard these played by two different groups in the last few weeks.

I am sorry that it is not the whole song but you will get the idea. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Next time you see those guys on the streets of Pana selling the pan flutes, just think what you could learn to do!


Tim and Michelle said...

I enjoy your blog even though I don't usually comment :). That music sounds like Andean music like they have in Bolivia where I grew up. My brother actually plays the charango (the one that looks like a little guitar :)...makes me "homesick" to hear it!! Funny thing is another friend put some similar music on facebook this past week, so I've had two reminders of home!
Michelle O'B

Anonymous said...