Friday, May 28, 2010

Pacaya erupts

One of the most active volcanos in Guatemala erupted yesterday about 3 PM. Pacaya is about 20 miles outside of Guatemala City and has affected life in that area. Above is a picture taken from the internet of Pacaya erupting in 2002. We have not seen pictures yet, but they are saying that lava is spewing into the air like it did then.

We have not been affected, as far west as we are, but those in the capital and nearby towns are covered in volcanic "sand". The above picture was taken in a town between Guatemala City and the volcano and was published in a national newspaper today. Friends in Guatemala City say there is about 3 inches of "sand" and ash on everything. The international airport has been closed until at least Saturday. Everyone is doing OK, just staying inside until it passes. As the volcano continues to erupt, that may be awhile...

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Arlene Grimm said...

Had not heard this on the news here...of course the Decatur Delay is not the most up to date paper!!lol...Stay safe! Will have the ABF pray for the situation tomorrow.