Thursday, April 09, 2009


Did you know there is a verb "to make tortillas"? We can't find it in any dictionary, but the ladies in Patzun said there was!Here we are making tortillas for the team I helped with in Patzun. The big, round griddle, a comal, is heated by propane gas in this case. In many homes, they are a piece of sheet metal over a fire!

Our group had trouble with their flights, so the young ladies from the earliest arrival got to help and received a cultural lesson!

I did better this time around! Two years ago, these same ladies tried to teach me how to make tortillas and I caused quite a bit of amusement!

Andrea and Katherine found out that if you don't keep your hands wet enough, you tear up the tortilla! On the other hand, if they are too wet, it tears up also! Since the Guatemalan women begin learning as early as age 4 how to do this, we were a little behind in the process!

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Arlene Grimm said...

You will have to teach the ABF ladies how to do this and we can have a tortilla supper.