Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Country Cousins

Meet the "Country Cousins"! We are a team of CAM missionaries here in Guatemala mainly located in the Lake Atitlan/Quetzaltenango/Huehuetenango areas. Last week we met together as a team for the first time and had a great time! Even though we are 2 and 3 hours from each other, we are the closest CAM missionaries to each other. We are also the only group of CAM missionaries not living around Guatemala City. So we have each others' backs.
L-R standing: Steve and Elise Sywulka (team leader), Danny and Daphne Foote, holding Naomi with Isaac, Chloe Ann and Titus kneeling in front (Santiago, across the Lake), Niel and Diana Thomas (LBN), Brandon Scott holding Deacon with wife, Jenny, and Madeline in front (Quetzaltenango), and Johnny and Maria Coker (Centennial Camp). Not shown are Dave and Helen Ekstrom (Huehuetenango) who were in the capital for Dave's back surgery. Pray for these folks because they are our "family" here and we need each other.
James 5 :16

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