Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 Guatemala Field Conference

La Mision, in San Lucas, was the site of CAM's annual Guatemala Field Conference. It was a time of relaxation and renewing of the body and spirit in a beautiful setting!

Our speaker for the weekend was Roger Raymer, pastor of Lakeridge Bible Church in Mesquite, TX. He did a wonderful study on faith and how that relates to us, using Hebrews 11. As much as we enjoyed his time with us, we won't let him come back without his lovely wife Judy!
The only drawback to the location of the conference was the pig farm next door. We prayed often that the "Swine #9" would blow the other direction! And those of us that stayed overnights at the mission house got serenaded each morning by excited pigs...sounded like at least a thousand...at feeding time (5:00 AM). It gave a whole new meaning to "squeal like a pig"!


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Love that building..it looks like a grand place for a good conference.