Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rainy season is upon us

Last week, the rain started in our area of Guatemala. Now we have to remember to take umbrellas with us everywhere. Harking back to the days of our mothers, I have to remember if I have clothes on the line! But it is settling the dust and bringing out the flowers. Because it is cooler in the afternoons/evenings, jackets are usually needed and we have fires in the fireplace often!

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Jess Montegudo said...

I think we must be entering the rainy season as well. Since last Thursday we have had almost 6 inches of rain. I think the drought is officially over, if it wasn't over already. I came to church this morning (Monday) and a family of ducks were in the parking lot. I guess we have had so much rain they have decided to move in.

I will miss seeing you guys in Guatemala this summer. I know that Jeff is getting excited about leading another group down to see you guys. I would have come; but I am in school and cant take off that much time this summer. I hope you guys have a great summer and I hope to see you again soon.