Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hurricane news

As far as we are from news, sometimes we depend on you to keep us posted on what is happening in the world! One of our daughters called and notified us of Hurricane Dean and his progress across the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, we have had several calls and emails about how we were doing. So this is an update on the Cokers - we are doing fine, it is raining at present, but we really haven't seen any more rain than is usual this time of year. I believe they were expecting more rain for the western part of Guatemala, which could have caused landslides and flooding. But we had a couple of beautiful days Sunday and Monday, with rain that started about 2:00 PM yesterday. So thank you for your prayers and emails of encouragement! It's nice to know that when someone hears "Guatemala", they think of us and how we are being affected!

Please do be in prayer for our government elections here, to take place the middle of September. There have been more demonstrations in the Capital, although we are not affected by them out here in the country. But the change in the government (President, VP, even mayors and such) can affect us, for better or worse. Your prayers for God's will in Guatemala is greatly appreciated by all of the missionary community and the churches of Guatemala.


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agrimm55 said...

We are so glad you are doing ok...we have prayed for you. Hope you are enjoying our new ABF email. I am trying to do once a week to keep everyone up to speed. We have missed ABF this month but we have enjoyed small group. WE look forward to when you are home and you can come!