Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The newest wall

Well, so much for blogging! The internet was running faster this morning and I hoped to get some pictures put on but it slowed down after I got one posted. Oh well! For those of you who haven't been here for several months, this is our new wall that was added to help with the grade of the land down to the garage. Coming down these steps is so much easier. I have canna lillies planted in front and some plants on top. This is one of our "August" things. I'll show more next time!



Jason Kazeka said...

Looks amazing! I enjoy checking in periodically to see how God is working with and through both of you.

agrimm55 said...

It looks so pretty. I know you are proud of your new home.

tslate said...

The house looks GREAT with the wall. Layers!

Hope all your freshly planted things are enjoying the rain - and hope you avoid mudslides. You have moved plenty of earth lately.

Hey, look, I commented! Finally re-registered. Yay!

We both enjoyed talking with you so much the other day (week?). We just walked around smiling for a while.

Hugs for you each,