Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We aren't "resting"!

I had such great plans to post pictures of our garden and the "wall" we made around it and pictures of the birthday party of our guard's children. Alas, the internet access where we are at present will not allow this, so I will have to do it later. Although this is a month of "rest", we are not resting! We have no teams, but we have been working around the Camp. As I mentioned, we have been working in the garden that was formed when a wall got moved. I took advantage of all of the dirt and decided a garden would look great! We bought plants in Antigua on Monday and will take them back to be planted today. I guess I will just have to take a picture after all of the planting and post it instead!

We were invited to a birthday party for the children of our guard last week. All of his family attended and lunch was included. The women had on their best huipiles and looked like a flower garden. I took balloons and a craft for the kids to do. It was a good thing that I had plenty of materials because almost every adult joined in and did the craft also! The craft a very simple, but the Guatemalan people love to be creative and are very artistic. That's a good thing because the craft involved neon green and pink pipecleaners and beads! We all had a great time!

I hope to be able to get online again later this week. Maybe I can post pictures then!


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