Monday, September 03, 2007

Another Status Report

Johnny and I have spent 3 1/2 wonderful days in Tapachula, Mexico! We had to renew our visas and it required leaving the country for 72 hours, so we chose the closest border - Mexico. We have spent every morning by the pool, just sitting, reading and swimming, and every afternoon listening to the thunderstorms! Sometimes we were out in them, sometimes we stayed in the room. But it was a relaxing time and accomplished our visa renewal at the same time. We will head back to the Camp this morning, before the rains have time to start. We will be crossing the border around noon, so keep us in your prayers.

While we are in Tapachula, we had internet access and saw where another hurricane will be hitting the eastern border of Guatemala and Belize. Please pray for the people in the lower, coastal areas that will be hit, they have a tendency to flood. Also, we in the mountains will get rain from the outer bands of the hurricane, even if it doesn't come this far west. Pray we don't get so much that it causes landslides. We will keep you posted as we are able.


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Ken & Cindy said...

Hey! Long time no see nor hear from! Glad you guys are doing okay. Next time you're in the capital, let us know. Sorry we missed you in Pana when Drew was here.