Monday, September 17, 2007

Catherine Adams

This is Catherine Adams, our newest intern! Actually she was just here for the week to scout out locations for a six month internship for the first of next year. She is from our home church and we watched her grow up. She's like one of our own kids!
Catherine wants to work with children next year, so we looked at several orphanages and children's homes. Here is a photo of us checking out New Life children's home in Villa Nueva. Kara and Daniel Harris (from Atlanta) are two-year missionaries there and gave us a great tour of the place (complete with Southern accents)!

At Kids Alive in San Lucas, one of the housemother's daughters attached herself to Johnny and wouldn't let anyone else hold her! She's actually giving Johnny a hug here - and he loved it! He always did attract the women!!
Pray Catherine finds the location God wants her to be at. She is now back in the States starting her support raising.
I hope you like the changes on the blogsite. I needed a change!

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brannons said...

How cool to have Catherine!! She IS a doll and she is greatly privileged to be near you two. Keep us posted on how God uses her!

The Brannons