Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finally, the sun!

Many of you got an email requesting prayer for us. As the rainy season closes, it tends to rain a lot, but we have had solid rain for 5 days. We were coming down with colds and, frankly, felt pretty miserable. It is hard to feel useful when you just want to go home. God is good, though, and answered your prayers. Today, we had the first sun we have seen in at least a week and are both feeling better, even though the colds have not gone away completely. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord, and to us, in your prayers. We are still a little homesick, but since this is not our "home", we probably always will.


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Shaun said...

Hey Johnny and Maria, it's Shaun and Whitney from Ohio. It's been a while (February) since we were down with you guys and we miss it. We hope and pray things are going great for you two as well as Macario and his church.

We got married on August 11th and things are going great. We heard a missionary from the Dominican Republic at our church last week and we were thinking about you guys and our time in Panajachel.

We saw some pictures of John and Jan in Spain - glad to see they're doing great.

God bless you guys as you continue His call on your lives.

Here is a link to see some pictures from the wedding and reception.