Friday, September 03, 2010

What's happening...

Was asked to update my blog, so I will push the blogs about the teams from this summer back a week or so and give an update.

After we sent the last team home, we started packing...and giving things away! Our Guatemalan brothers and sisters have descended on our house, looking in all of our drawers and closets for things of ours they want! I finally set up a "yard sale" in the living room that I add to as I go through things and decide whether to keep or sell. Jordan, a young man from California that is working with us, has been at the house for the last couple of nights. We had to keep his bedroom door closed to keep people out of it! They think nothing of opening all of your cabinet doors to see what you have...and what they might want. But things are going. We met a nice couple that work in the Peten who is buying the black pickup and trailer. It seems perfect for their needs and an answer to prayer on their side for a dependable vehicle and on our side for a sale!

It has rained everyday, usually starting about lunch time. Since the dryer burned up (thankfully after all of the teams!) I have to hang my clothes on the line to dry. So my day starts with...#1 making a pot of coffee, #2 putting in a load of clothes, #3 drinking a cup of coffee while I check the internet, #4 hanging the clothes on the line, #5 more coffee while I start packing. We gave away all of our extra food this week, some to Guatemalans and some to other missionaries, so we are down to pulling something out of the freezer for supper (we find out what it is after it thaws sometimes), eating cereal left over from the teams, and trying to finish up the cheese, sandwich meat, bread and peanut butter and jelly from the teams. Mealtimes are kind of...interesting.

I guess my hardest part is trying to coordinate everything. Can't deliver the fridge to the new owners until almost the last, but can't wait too late because the truck will be loaded. Can't get rid of the bed until the day we leave. And the hardest...making the young Guatemalan lady hold off on receiving the coffeepot she has already paid for until the very end! She couldn't understand why I said I needed to keep it until the last days!

Tomorrow we pick up our oldest daughter and her husband from the airport for a week of rest and relaxation. We are looking forward to a week of playing tourist! That will leave us a week to finish all of the packing, see how much of the stuff fits in the truck, then repack to get the most important things home. All of this with people stopping by to spend a last few minutes with us. Pray we will be gracious and not look at our guests as "interruptions". Pray we get everything packed and that it fits. Pray as we say goodbye to our friends from the last 5 years. And pray as we travel, Johnny by truck through Mexico and Maria by airplane to Tampa (a couple of days with our youngest daughter and her husband), before arriving in Alabama around October 1st.

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