Sunday, September 05, 2010


You may be hearing in the news about mudslides in Guatemala. The western side (mountains=us) is completely shut down and can't move. We got up to rain and came through several "young" slides on Friday morning, heading to the capital. Shortly after we came through one of the slides, the mountain let loose and hit a bus, killing 12 people. We made it to the capital without incident, sold the black pickup and trailer and picked up Lindsay and Micah from the airport. And that's as far as we have gotten. The highway west (back to the Camp) is shut indefinitely, until the roads are cleared and the slides stop. Just west of us, a slide buried a whole bus. Traffic was stopped behind them and people ran to help uncover those buried. Then more of the mountain let loose and the rescuers themselves were buried. They don't know just how many were killed, but they are saying at least 40, plus those that were in the bus.

We are OK, as are all the CAM missionaries that we are aware of. Thankfully, a wonderful CAM missionary family that are in the States right now, have let us use their house in the capital. Lindsay and Micah have their suitcases, so they have clothes. Johnny and I were only expecting to be here one night, so we are extremely limited on clothing, but we are all together and safe. We may not get to play tourist like we had expected, but, as I said, we are all together and safe.
We will post more later, as the news comes in.

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Judy said...

Who is that family?
Johnny, look through Glenn's clothes and help yourself!
Sorry, Maria can't help you with my size!