Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Widows and Orphans

Even though I am behind on my postings of teams from this summer, I wanted to show you a group we met two days after returning from the States. This was a group of widows and orphans from Totonicopan, west of us on the Pan American highway. They come from two villages which are, at present, having a very nasty border dispute. The Saturday before this group came to the Camp, 40 people were injured in a clash between the two villages. Since this ministry serves both villages, people from both villages were here together and no problems! This was an answer to prayer! They had a great day playing basketball, soccer and just having fun. Many were young children, all were without many resources. Several of our teams this summer brought items for us to use as we saw fit, in particular, children's clothes and Bibles in Spanish. Well, guys, both got used ! The children's clothes that were brought and most of the left over adult clothes from the teams were handed out. It was one of the most orderly times I've seen! Each person got one item and many of the mothers got something for their child instead of for themselves! The church helpers that were there helped give things out and knew who needed what. Bibles were also a need for the church since most of the members don't have Bibles of their own. The church received Bibles to be used in the services and Bible studies.

It was a blessing to be able to share from our plenty (thanks to you!) with those that were so needy. Since many of these villages are in the mountains, need for warm sweaters for the women and girls and warm clothing for boys is always there. We have also had several requests for Study Bibles in Spanish.

Thank you to all of you that were a part of this summer's teams and brought items for the people of Guatemala. May we be faithful to use them to God's glory!


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Glad you made it home safely and that you had a good day with the campers.

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What an incredible ministry you guys have!!!