Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nahuala feeding program

On Thursdays, I go to a pueblo close to the Camp where we have a church with a medical clinic, school, feeding program and after-school program. This church has a wonderful ministry in the town of Nahuala. In particular, I work with the feeding program, feeding as many as 3000 underpriviledged a week! They feed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays most weeks with a different group of women and children coming each day. Here are some photos of my day today:

A young lady who is training as a nurse and working in the clinic gives a short teaching lecture on
a health related issue most weeks.

Each woman brings a container from home when they come to eat. After all have eaten lunch, the remaining food is divided among the containers for the women to take home.

The brick thing in the background is the stove. It has a piece of sheet metal on top, where the pots go, and a fire underneath, that heats it. Nothing is baked, everything is cooked on top of the stove. In front is Isabel, behind is Elsa and Juanita. Besides letting me help, they are intent on teaching me Quiche! I am collecting up quite a vocabulary!

Tamalitos, or small tamales, are usual for each lunch. The left-overs are divided among the women.

The dining room got painted this week and all of the tables and benches were taken outside and scrubbed. Also, the floor got a good scrubbing!

They are in the process of building a new kitchen and storeroom. The kitchen is almost finished and, as you can see, the storeroom is still in process.

God is blessing this church and the work that they do. Recently, we were able to pass along a gift from a friend in the United States. With this gift, they will be able to supply more fruit vegetables and meat to the meals. Also, Juanita wants to buy a small, portable CD player to use with the children's song CDs that many of you have sent for us to give out. The families that come to the feeding program are rarely evangelical, most are Catholic or nothing at all. Juanita gives a devotional each day before lunch for the women and wants to teach the children songs about Jesus!

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Arlene Grimm said...

Love seeing some of the things yall are doing...helps in praying for your needs.