Monday, January 12, 2009

Johnny's blog

Most of you know Maria usually does the "blogging" in this family, but since I have the computer it now falls to me. Maria wanted me to blog about my experience yesterday at one of our local churches. I had been asked to be there with my computer and projector to show a DVD for the congregation. I got there early to set up but the pastor said the dvd had not arrived yet. So, I sat there as he stalled for time. Finally the dvd arrived and I put it in the computer. Nothing. It would not play. The computer would not read it. I asked the pastor if by chance this was a pirated dvd and he said,"Probably". He then asked if anyone had a dvd of some kind with them. One member offered to run home and get one. He returned with a dvd and just in case, brought a video and VCR. Again, the dvd would not play. Then I realized the problem. Many of you may not know that dvds are made for regional showing. The US is Zone 1 and Central America is Zone 4. Look on the back of your dvd case and you should see a globe icon with a numbver inside- that is the zone number. The dvds we buy here are usually good for both zones. Since our computer was bought in the states it was set for zone 1. It can be changed but only so many times before the change becomes permanent. So, no dvd showing. I hooked up the VCR to the projector and put in the tape. It was a US movie dubbed in Spanish called "A Thief in the Night", about the rapture. Great story line, but the film was made in the 70's. Did we really look that bad??? Polyester leisure suits, bell bottoms, mini skirts, Elvis sideburns, one girl had her hair in those giant curlers with a scarf over them that I remember my sisters using. It was hysterical to watch but I was on the front row and couldn't laugh without detracting from the message. I was glad it worked because the pastor had no back-up plan, like a sermon prepared. Some days you just shake your head.


Mary Jane said...

Yes, the 70's were that bad and I have some pictures of you that I can post if you would like :)

Saw Jenn tonight...she is holding up well...she is such a beautiful young lady and I'm not talking about just her should be very proud!

Ran into Daris and Gerald Wilbanks and Mrs. Holbrooks...they told us to tell you hello and that they are very proud of you and your work!

Much Love

Mary Jane said...
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Arlene Grimm said...

Those 70s movies about the Rapture were supposed to scare you Johnny!!lol!! Glad that Maria's mom is doing better.