Sunday, November 02, 2008

Psycho kites

The dry season is here, we haven't had rain in almost a week now. Along with the sun comes the winds. So far, our roof has survived although when the wind comes down the chimney and blows the ashes from the fireplace all over the house...
As I said yesterday, this is the season for flying kites. Wilder (left) and Fabio (right) made their own kites and were out bright and early Saturday morning.

They were up on the soccer field where the wind was really getting their kites up!

We always knew that Xiba didn't like cows and goats...she would go crazy at the twice-daily parade of bovine. Now, we have discovered another dislike of hers...Kites. When the boys were flying their kites, Xiba was going absolutely crazy!

We will always be protected from psycho kites!

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