Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We arrived in the US on Thursday, the 7th, and have been running ever since! Arriving minus one suitcase, we flew into Nashville and spent the first night with Lindsay and Micah. We arrived late and left early the next morning, as soon as the truant suitcase showed up. Johnny was to attend a men's retreat close to Decatur the next day, so we rushed to get him there on time. He had a great time with "his guys" - many of them his good friends while we lived in Decatur. After Sunday morning at First Bible Church, we took off for Sylacauga to pick up clothes at my mom's house - we have things spread all over Alabama! While there, we were able to visit a couple of my uncles which are battling cancer, one of whom just entered hospice. On Sunday night we attended my mother's church, Odena Baptist, where Johnny was asked to speak - 5 minutes before the service. It seems the pastor and his family were all ill and no one else was prepared! Johnny did an excellent job and I was very proud! (So was my mom, even though she told him that if she had known he was going to have to preach, she wouldn't have come!)

As you can tell, it has been hectic, even in this short time. We will speak at another church tonight - "scheduled" this time and prepared for! Thank you for your prayers as we move from event to event! We have had safety in travel, even though it has been stormy. Decatur had snow flurries this morning as the temperature dropped - I may have to buy a coat!!!

Love in Christ,

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