Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Deja vu

Those of you that are my age (or close) may remember teaching your children to drive. In our family, that was my job - Johnny got too nervous trying to teach the girls and would get them all nervous. So the task fell to me. What a surprise when our 22 year-old guard stated he wanted to learn to drive! Immediately, Johnny told him he wasn't a teacher and relayed the stories of teaching the girls. So, in a moment of weakness, I said I would teach him to drive. Tuesday was spent going up and down our "driveway", learning how to press the gas, use the brake, and lots of three-point turns! Since he had never been behind the wheel before and had only watched others drive, we had to start with the basics. He was in the Rodeo, which is an automatic. I will insist he learn to drive a manual shift also - my father insisted I learn and it served me well. So, the first lesson completed, we progress on to more complicated things - like the highway. Yikes!
The day before Thanksgiving last year, we had a "changing of the guard", literally! Antonio and Isabella moved on to other work and Salvadore and his wife Julia were hired. Their daughter is Elda and is 2 1/2 years old. They speak Quiche and Spanish, so Elda is learning to speak both languages. But she is also a great mimic and is learning English from us. She has started walking thru our house calling, "Kitty-kitty-kitty". With Salvadore and Julia being younger than our girls, it's almost like having a grandchild!
Of course, Xiba loves them! (She also likes to have her picture taken!)
Love to all,


brannons said...

Women make the best drivers any way! :) So sorry to hear about the tornado but glad to know that God provided through the people that love you. What a blessing to see your sweet faces at FBC during Christmas. We are proud of you and thankful that God has you for His service in Guatemala. Wish we were together at Missions Conference! But maybe another year. Love and prayers, Shay

Jennifer said...

Definitely don't let Dad try to teach anyone how to drive stick shift! :) Oh, the memories.... Andy and I are really looking forward to March!!

Sarah said...

Hey, we finally have a blog so we actually remember to check everyone else's. We have loved keeping up with you guys this way. I saw a pic of you at the missionary ladies tea and your hair looked really cute that length. We can not wait for our trip this summer, we will definitely contact you guys so we can get together. Cathy asks about you guys all the time, she is going again this summer as well! Our blog is
We will be praying for you guys with all the upcoming traveling.